How Fear The Walking Dead Has Started To Surpass The Walking Dead


There is one thing the most highly successful TV shows have in common. They all typically inspire a spin-off of some sort. For instance, Breaking Bad inspired Better Call Saul. The Walking Dead turned out to be no different with Fear the Walking Dead. Not all spin-offs turn out well. Actually, they typically lose steam with burned-out fans. Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to be the case with AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, especially Season 3.

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It appears Fear has actually surpassed The Walking Dead. While this may seem surprising, the praise is certainly not unwarranted. The latest season of the show has been making great leaps in quality.

Fear the Walking Dead Feels Real

Fear The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Walking Dead, despite its best efforts, tends to lose track of moral ambiguity. The antagonists build to a level of cartoonish villainy that it is hard to find a moral argument in their favor. The closest we’ve come is the development of Negan, but his introduction happens to begin with the bashing the heads of fan’s favorite characters. The Walking Dead always boils down to black-and-white, simple morality. Good vs bad.

Fear the Walking Dead breaks that norm with the addition of some rather interesting parties. Starting at the villa in Season 2, we are introduced to opposing forces that are not blatantly evil. In the beginning, Cecilia’s biggest sin is her twisted view of the undead. A view that can easily be seen as an individual’s failure to cope.

Characters Are Well Developed in Season 3

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Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

This is the biggest difference between the shows. Though Fear the Walking Dead has had a few missteps in storytelling, it manages to start off really well with Season 3. Characters are given well-developed backstories. Their motivations are understandable and relatable to the common viewer. This change reflects poorly on the virtuous heroes that most The Walking Dead characters inevitably morph into.

The most recent example of this well-done development is Troy. 

His character begins in the show as someone who is obviously manipulative and easy to hate. He helps to facilitate horrible experiments on a multitude of people. This trend changes as we approach the end of his character arc. Before Troy departs the show, many even found themselves rooting for him.

It is this kind of development that has truly set Fear the Walking Dead above The Walking Dead.

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