Colman ‘Victor’ Domingo On Overcoming The New FTWD Changes


Everyone is looking forward to Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead. The spin-off of the successful show The Walking Dead has gained a massive following, and more recently, has been considered to be better than the original. Season 3 of Fear was the turning point for the show’s rise and the source of a majority of the show’s critical success.

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In the midst of all of this wonderful press, there are some major changes taking place. The showrunner of the series is departing for Season 4 to be replaced by Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss. This change has some of us a little uneasy regarding what’s next for the show. However, members of the cast seem more excited than ever for the future.

Colman Domingo Sounds Off

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Colman Domingo Plays Strand in Fear the Walking Dead

Domingo is one of the members who has been vocal about Season 4. Colman Domingo, who plays Victor Strand in Fear, has expressed excitement for the upcoming changes. When asked about the new showrunners, Domingo responded by saying,

“It’s an opportunity for us to keep driving our narrative, shifting the characters, taking even bigger leaps forward and I think it’s a nice passing of the baton. They’re so versed in The Walking Dead universe, as well, but they understand how unique our show is. They also understand how unique our show is and the perspective, whether it’s the color palette and the characters, and how to hopefully maintain that. I look forward to seeing where we go.”

His outlook on the new showrunner is refreshing. It certainly helps to dispel the worries that the change will cause an issue with Fear the Walking Dead’s recent upward trend. The biggest worry most should have at this point is who survived the Season 3 finale. 

Many believe that some of the main characters will be revealed to have died in the finale’s explosive conclusion. Domingo’s character could easily be written off the show with the events that have transpired.

Will Strand Return for Season 4?

Victor Strand is a major player in Fear. Unfortunately, that puts a big target on his back for the premiere of Season 4. If there is one thing Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead love to do, it is killing off characters at the beginning, middle, and end of seasons. Domingo himself didn’t have anything to reveal regarding the fate of Strand or any of the cast.

“Everybody’s gonna know at some point whether somebody survived or not because they’ll have to get back work,” Domingo said. “You never know, though. Even if, suddenly I say I’m gonna get back to work, you never know if we’re gonna do backstory scenes or something like that. You never know because we like to mess with your head a little bit!”

It seems like we will have to wait for Season 4 to find out the fate of our favorite characters. In the meantime, we can be rest assured that Fear the Walking Dead is in good hands.

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