So obviously, Better Call Saul is a prequel to Breaking Bad, but some believe that Breaking Bad is secretly a prequel to The Walking Dead.

After five seasons of Walter White’s transformation to Heisenberg, the anti-hero went from being a chemistry teacher to a ruthless killer, with fans egging on his every move.

Heisenberg was involved with his brother-in-law’s death, a violent plane crash, a boy getting sick, and several actual murders. A Netflix YouTube Video entitled, Fan Theories – Breaking Bad’ is The Walking Dead Prequel will give further detail:

Breaking Bad is one of the greatest TV shows of all time because it tells a simple story with big stakes,” begins the narration. “But what if Breaking Bad is more than about Walter White starting as a bumbling chemistry teacher and turning himself into a full-fledged monster? What if he turned everyone into full-fledged monsters? What if, Walter White’s blue sky meth started the zombie epidemic in The Walking Dead?”

Walking Dead & Breaking Bad | Photo Credit AMCWalking Dead & Breaking Bad | Photo Credit AMC

Obvious, this is a huge stretch, but the evidence is somewhat reputable. There are four main ideas behind this theory:

Merle’s Drug Stock Contains Sky Blue Meth

Perhaps this started as a nod to their network counterpart, but Merle’s sky-blue meth is unique to Heisenberg’s batch alone. This was in one of the first episodes when Merle has a bag of prescription drugs and some meth.

Glenn’s Dodge Challenger

Perhaps this is more of a reach, but Glenn drove away in a Dodge Challenger in Season 1 of The Walking Dead. The theory here is that the vehicle appeared both as Walter’s gift to his son and in The Walking Dead.

On Breaking Bad, the associate that Walter purchased the car from is a Glenn, so the theory is that Glenn worked at a dealership where he met Walter before he became a pizza boy.

The reason that Glenn chose the vehicle was either that he was inspired by Walter’s gift or because of Walter’s frustration when trying to return the car, which he later just destroyed.

Merle’s Drug Dealer Used the Phrase “Yo, B*tch!”

Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman is notorious for the catchphrase, “Yo, Bitch!” during his arguments, or something along those same lines. Merle purchased these drugs by a stringy white guy who used the phrase frequently and even told someone, “I’m going to kill you, Bitch!”

Gus Fring Was the First Walker

Finally, and perhaps the largest leap in our story, the video claims that Gus Fring was the first zombie. When Gus is finally killed, he still has a supply of Walter’s blue sky meth, which is compromised due to Walter’s high-stress levels.

It’s possible, the video claims, that Gus took some of this meth due to his fear or adrenaline on the day of his death. This is their explanation for how he was able to “walk dead” in the final seconds of his life.

Breaking Bad | Photo Credit AMCBreaking Bad | Photo Credit AMC

The video itself gives these claims a 50 percent rating on plausibility, but a 90 percent score on entertainment. What do you think?

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