Thousands Of Fans Noticed When Jim Parsons Did This ONE Thing At The Emmy’s…


Jim Parsons Acceptance Speech

Jim Parsons is no stranger to the award show stage. With seven Emmy nominations and four wins, he’s the most decorated cast member of The Big Bang Theory. That means he’s had quite some time to perfect his acceptance speech. Fans have noticed there is a pattern to his speeches. Let’s take a closer look.

The First Emmy

In 2010 Jim won his first Emmy for his work as Sheldon on TBBT. He was clearly shocked and had a charming innocence to him. He started off his speech by saying, “Now I realize how much I did not think this was going to happen.” He also joked, “Some of you apparently voted for me; that was very sweet.”

He also took the time to thank all of his costars, Kaley Johnny Kunal and Simon. He also thanked Chuck Lorre, show creator, and many other crew members. He was clearly overwhelmed by his first big award show win.

2011 Emmy Win

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In 2011 Jim seemed just as shocked the second time around as the first. Winning his second Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Jim started off his acceptance speech saying, “Oh this is so odd for so many reasons.” Perhaps he couldn’t believe that he was being recognized. It can be very surreal when all of your hard work is finally acknowledged.

He also explained that there had been many nay-sayers in his life. “I was assured by many people in my life that this wasn’t happening…” Jim said. He also took the time to say he was honored to be nominated alongside Johnny Galecki. If there was an uncomfortable rivalry between the two men they certainly didn’t show it. This time around he had fewer lnames to call out, and kept it sweet and simple. He thanked the fans and award show and then moved on.

2013 Emmy Win

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In 2013 Jim once again won the Outstanding Lead Actor category. Once again, he opened by stating his disbelief. “Oh my heart, oh my heart,” Jim exclaimed while taking the microphone. This time things were a bit different, though. Jim was far more emotional than in earlier years. Perhaps this time things felt less surreal, and he was able to truly understand what was happening. As he teared up he said, “boy it’s so silly to be emotional isn’t it?” in true Sheldon fashion.

He thanked the cast by name once again, as well as crew and production team members. He even added in his manager and agent. Clearly, Jim felt the year before he hadn’t said enough.

Fourth and Final

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Jim Parsons is now tied with three other actors for most Emmy wins in the Outstanding actor category. His fourth and final win came in 2014. Again, Jim Parson’s acceptance speech began with “Oh wow, Oh My God, I really don’t believe this.” Each time he speaks he is candid and forthcoming with his shock.

It is refreshing to see how humble and grateful Jim is. He truly is an incredible actor. He lights up the set of TBBT each week, and we are so glad.

Do you like Jim Parson’s Acceptance Speech style?

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