3Tom Payne Confirmed That TWD’s Jesus Is Gay

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Actor Tom Payne confirmed that Paul “Jesus” Monroe on The Walking Dead is, in fact, gay. Payne even said that his character may end up showing some of this sexuality on screen. “I think that would be amazing,” confirmed Payne.

The premier revealed a scene between two other homosexual characters as Aaron spoke with boyfriend Eric about the future of Alexandria. “It’s going to be more,” said Eric, about the violence that will come to the small town.

In addition to these announcements, there’s also a rumor about Daryl’s sexuality.

The Mystery Behind Daryl Dixon’s Love Life

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Daryl Dixon’s sexuality has been in question for years. He’s never really had a love interest despite some time with Beth and closeness with Carol. Back when Frank Darabont was in charge, he did suggest Daryl Dixon possibly being gay.

For Reedus, “Allowing himself to fall in love is something Daryl Dixon wouldn’t have done until after he’s lost everything and the world’s gone to shit. Part of that character’s appeal is that you’re watching this guy reinvent himself as someone who’s finding a sense of self-worth through other people in his life.”

Reedus confirmed, “He’s slowly becoming proud of who he is.”

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  • Angry Americans United

    so another show ruined to push propaganda on the people, every show thats done that in the last 2 years has nose dived

    • Antonio Beardall

      I am sure they won’t give a shit if you stop watching, kinda sucks that they have to make a show so idiots like you are comfortable, it is the real world asshole, gay people will exist in the apocalypse too, but hopefully dumb fucks like you won’t be. And it has not nose dived, check your stats again.

  • Kimberly Nordlocken

    Go ahead and do it, I will burn all my D.D.items and quit watching. Pretty sure I am not alone on this.

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