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In honor of the Big Bang Theory Season 11 renewal, we’ve decided to look back at some of the TBBT fan’s favorite episodes. There have been so many funny plot lines and conflicts over the years, it’s fun to look back and try to remember everything that’s happened. 

This time around we’re remembering The Rhinitis Revelation. This episode features one of our favorite guest stars, Laurie Metcalf, coming to the Big Bang Theory set as Mary Cooper. Sheldon and his friends find themselves competing for the doting mother’s affections and attention.

Mary Cooper Comes To Town

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First of all, Mary Cooper’s reason for visiting Sheldon this time around is hysterical. She’s waiting to join a Christian’s cruise entitled “The Born Again Boat Ride.” Nothing has ever been more typical Mary Cooper behavior. Sheldon is a bit spoiled and expects Mary to cook for him the entire time and dote upon him.

However, Mary seems to enjoy Sheldon’s friend’s suggestions more than her own cooking. She ends up getting sushi with Leonard. She also comforts Raj in a time of heartbreak instead of making Sheldon’s favorite pie.

Sheldon Revelations

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Sheldon soon begins acting like a child, jealous of his mother’s attention going elsewhere. When Mary engages in a conversation with Penny about clothing, Sheldon can barely stand himself. She even decides to take Amy to a Nobel Prize Winner’s lecture, instead of Sheldon. 

Sheldon has come a long way throughout ten seasons of emotional growth, and this episode is a great example. Amy points out in this episode that no matter how intelligent Sheldon is, he’s still going to feel the same emotions as everyone else- including jealousy.

Of course, the episode ends with the iconic singing of Soft Kitty. Sheldon learns that his relationship with his mother will have to change as an adult, but some things never will always remain the same.

Great quotes:

Mrs. Cooper: I am still going out with your friends.

Sheldon: But I apologized. And that was hard for me since I didn’t do anything wrong.

Leonard: Mrs. Cooper, were we supposed to take that pie out of the oven?

Sheldon: Get out.(Leonard exits and closes door)

Mrs. Cooper: Well, that was rude.

Sheldon: I know, but he means well.

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Do you remember this TBBT fan favorite episode?


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