Season 8 of The Walking Dead is currently being filmed and fans are dying to know what’s going on with Negan’s War.

For starters, we think that Rick’s group attacks the Sanctuary in the premiere, but no one knows what happens next.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Thanks to AMC, we do know something about the series, based on a new photo from the set. The image shows Daryl Dixon on his motorcycle, the crossbow strapped on to the back and Carol stands in front of him.

Carol, with a rifle over her shoulder, looks like she’s wearing the same Kingdom gear that she wore when King Ezekiel’s men arrived at the Sanctuary.

Season 8 Gears Up On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly writes:

“EW has the exclusive first photo from season 8, and it features Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride as their Walking Dead alter-egos just as you like them — with Carol packing heat and Daryl on his trusty motorcycle. And if you like seeing this, there’s plenty more where that came from as showrunner Scott M. Gimple promises season 8 will build off the reunions and first-time unions that unfolded in the season 7 finale.”

“The season finale last year, seeing all the characters together interacting as one, was thrilling. It was exciting to see all these configurations of characters we hadn’t seen before. Even Aaron merely giving Jerry an apple felt satisfying.” Season 8 will continue that trajectory in a major way. “This is that times a million,” says Gimple of what’s to come. “Though it would be cool if the season began with just everybody giving each other apples. I’d be down with that.” He pauses. “But it’s not that.”

What’s Next For Daryl Dixon On The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Whatever happens, when the series returns, we expect lots and lots of action.

If Rick’s group strikes first, Negan’s Saviors will surely come back to fight and then the battle will really begin.

What do you think is next for Daryl and Carol on The Walking Dead?

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