Everything Phil Robertson Has Said About Gun Control


It seems the gun control debate in America is more heated now than ever. Terrifying and tragic acts of violence spark conversation across the land about what can be done to prevent these travesties. Here’s what Phil Robertson thinks about the problem…

Phil Robertson On Gun Control

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When you think of Phil Robertson, you certainly don’t think of strict gun control. Phil’s entire livelihood revolves around hunting. He raised his kids to hunt, use guns, and find their own dinner. Montage after montage of his show feature him holding a fire arm of some sort, always aiming up at the sky. 

Phil’s also a conservative man. He’s back quite a few Republican candidates over the years, including Ted Cruz, then Donald Trump, and Roy Moore. It’s not surprising to anyone that this man who prefers his simple way of living out in the woods, doesn’t think taking away guns altogether is the answer.

A Different Weapon

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Robertson’s opinion on gun control has almost nothing to do with guns. He wants Americans to focus their attention away from the fire arms, and towards God. In a controversial video posted for In The Woods With Phil, the old patriarch poses on his couch, a large weapon next to him. It happened to be a semi-automatic rifle, one that many Americans are calling to ban, or at least raise the minimum buying age.

In the video Phil points to the large gun and says, “So I have here an earthly weapon. It’s a firearm. I would never want to use that against another man…This is also a weapon.” What was Robertson referring to? The Bible. He continued, “It’s called a sword – the sword of the spirit. You want to stop murder worldwide? You’re focusing on the wrong weapon. This, this will stop human beings from murdering one another.”


Phil not only wants Americans to turn towards the Bible. He also wants them off the streets. Many protests erupted after the Parkland Valentine’s Day school shooting. Phil has said he doesn’t see the point of protesting. He told Fox, ““Look, I’m 71. So far, I’ve never seen anything big enough for me to protest… I have a right. You said you have the right to peacively assemble and air your grievances. I’m 71, but so far nothing has risen to the level to make me go protest anything.” He added, “My take on it is that, just because you can protest, doesn’t mean that’s a good reason to protest… Well I can so I have to do it. Civics I don’t think is even taught in school much anymore.”

He Agreed With Trump

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After the Parkland shooting President Trump had his own ideas of how to prevent similar tragedies. He suggested arming teachers, and putting guns in schools to protect students. When asked if he agreed with the idea, Phil said, “Because there’s been so much carnage from time to time in our schools, I don’t disagree with [President Trump’s] assessment. People just come in the way they’ve done in some of these schools and start shooting up the place. I would feel better about it if my children were in that school, if someone- and I would have to stress that they’d have to be fully trained and know fire arms and be fully vetted- but I would say at least they’d have had a better chance if that were the case.”

Phil has many grandchildren, and the issue affects him personally. He wouldn’t want his many grandkids to be shot at without protection. Of course all of the Robertson family is well trained in fire arms and handling a gun. There would need to be proper training, just as Phil stressed.

Satan Is The Real Problem

However, no matter how much Americans fight over gun-control, Phil will never give the matter too much worry. He explains that he doesn’t worry about his death- he knows exactly where he’s going. He advises Americans to focus more on their spiritual life and less on their physical life. He said, “Don’t worry about the one who can kill the body, you don’t worry about him; you worry about the one — the God of heaven — who can destroy both body and soul in hell.” He added, “Satan is the problem. Jesus has destroyed him on our behalf … no one can kill us, not body and soul. They may get our bodies, but we live on. We get our bodies back.”

The Family Agrees

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Si Robertson agrees with his brother Phil. He believes the problem doesn’t lie in the gun- it lies in the heart of the shooter. He famously told media, “It ain’t gun control we need, it’s sin control.” Willie Robertson shares similar thoughts. When the idea of banning certain types of guns came up, Willie said, “Are we taking cars away now? Because they can be just as legal…Guns are regulated…It’s regulated. The guns are in the hands of mostly good people. Just like police officers are mostly good people. Yes there are some bad ones, but you can’t just make a sweeping [generalization] take away the whole 2nd amendment over this.”

Jase Sees Both Sides

Jase, Phil’s second oldest son, sees both sides of the issue. Of course he agrees with his Dad that people need to focus on God. However, he understands the fear his fans feel when hearing about mass shootings. He told cameras, “Gun control, I mean look. It’s a problem. There’s raving lunatics out there with guns. Here you are following the rules during class, gotta do what’s right. And some idiot comes in there with a gun and there’s literally no way for you to survive other than luck…I don’t blame them for responding that way, because look everybody believes this is horrible. This is horrific. We respond emotionally because it’s like unbelieveable. How does this happen? What can we do?….Everybody I think knows it’s going to be real hard to control isolated incidents…” However, Jase did agree that he believes the more people who are armed, the better.

Do you agree with Phil Robertson? Should Americans turn away from the gun control debate, and start advocating for Jesus instead? Or do you agree with Jase, and see both sides of the issue?