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Episode 10 will feature a wrestling match between Bill Nye and Sheldon Cooper — calling it.

The Big Bang Theory’s next episode didn’t premiere at its initially expected Nov 24th date. This is likely because of negotiation problems and uncertainty of the show’s future.

Instead, we’ll be catching it December 1st. If all goes as scheduled, we should also see the next episode on the 9th.

With an extra-long wait, there’s only one thing to do — indulge in feverish speculation!

Sheldon was a Martian all along!

If you want to go in blind, by the way, stop reading now.

As far as early details go, the gang is currently trying to separate their belongings in an orderly fashion. And we all know how much Sheldon loves order.

The previous episode came with big changes for the characters. Sheldon has to get used to not living on his own. Leonard is suddenly finding Amy getting rid of his nerd stuff. Not easy.

So they’re left to try and go from there. As the details hint, this doesn’t go well.

For the B plot, Bernadette and Howard are trying to get their own lives together. Unfortunately, Raj and Stewart are getting too involved and this frustrates the couple.

A scientifically perfect powder keg. –Spoiler Alert!

Here are some potentially huge plot spoilers, so read ahead at your peril: Supposedly Bernadette will finally be going into labor. Additionally, Christopher Lloyd will have a guest appearance. If you don’t know he is, I kindly suggest you go see the timeless classic Back to the Future.

My episode 10 predictions

My episode 10 predictions are as follows: after all the arguing, Leonard and Sheldon come to a serious decision about their new apartment lives. Penny might compromise and decide not to throw away all of Leonard’s nerd stuff.

Change is good, I hope.

After realizing he’s been a third-wheel too long, Raj might actually get serious. This could be after or before Bernadette’s labor. Since he realizes everyone has huge life decisions going on around him, he just can’t be a third-wheel anymore. I genuinely hope this pushes him back into seeing Isabella.

Most likely the episode will end with Bernadette going into labor. Possibly even to a cold ending? This will get everyone out of their arguments. They’ll all go to support Bernadette.

Howard will likely be losing his mind as the sudden realization hits him: he’s going to be a father.

Needless to say, episode 10 should have some huge implications. If these predictions are correct, then episode 11 should probably hit a more serious note. Of course, we’ll have ideas about what happens once episode 10 finally broadcasts.

Have Any Predictions of Your Own?

Let us know if you have your own predictions and ideas for what’s upcoming!

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