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“We all end up in a casket.” Phil Robertson told I Am Second. The movement meant to inspire people to live for God was founded in December of 2008. From actors, athletes and business people to drug addicts, people tell their stories of how they overcame their destructive lifestyles to give hope and inspiration.

“You are here for a reason” their website says. 

Phil Robertson sat down with I Am Second to give us a clear picture of what his life is truly like. The peek inside the Duck Dynasty star’s life just might surprise you.

He began with his growing up years. In spite of the fact that it was actually the 1950s. If you could peek into his life in those years you would think it was the 1850s.

Phil grew up in a log cabin, no bathtub or bathroom. They did have however, a plow horse and a milk cow. No one ever told him they were poor. It never came out of anyone in his family’s mouth.

He met his future wife, whom he affectionally calls “Miss Kay” when she was fourteen years old. Her maiden name was Marsha “Kay” Carroway. They married after her 16th birthday.

Their first son, Allan, was born while Phil was still in college. Miss Kay was 17, and Phil was just a year older. He was attending Louisiana Tech University on a football scholarship. They were two kids in love, Miss Kay recalls, “two kids with a kid.”

Phil started hanging out more and more with his college football teammates. This really scared Kay. Phil never drank before then. Now, he was drinking a lot.

It was the 1960s. A period in our history where college students, and the youth of the day rebelled against every societal norm. Drugs and alcohol flowed freely on college campuses.

Then came Jason, their second son. Whose known on the show as Jase. They were both thrilled at having another boy.

Phil was changing. He wasn’t home much. Kay knew then that Phil was cheating on her. Although she didn’t want to think about it, let alone face it.

Later, Phil became the owner of a “beer joint.” It was there that some guy came in with a bible. He said he wanted to introduce Phil to Jesus. Phil ran him off. Told him, “Get out of here.”

Around that time Willie was born. Here Kay was — a bar maid with three little boys, who didn’t even drink. She knew at that point that she was fighting for her marriage. Truth is, she had been for a long time.

Phil got into a what he calls a “bar-room brawl.” Kay called it the nightmare of her life. The law came after Phil. So he ran to the woods and hid. 

He went to his young wife, and told her that he probably wouldn’t surface for two or three months. “Do what you can with what’s left here. And he was gone.”

The ensuing years brought on more battles with alcohol and lawlessness. He got mean, and meaner. Kay would tell her boys, “That’s not your daddy. That’s the Devil in your daddy.”





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