You’ll Never Guess What the Duck Dynasty Cast Printed With Their 3-D Printer


On the second episode of Season 11, the Duck Dynasty cast decided to take a spin at a new technology. Willie bought a 3-D printer for Duck Commander. Hilarious antics ensued the second he left it in the capable hands of the duck call room employees.

The Men Involved

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Jase Robertson, Jep Robertson, Si Robertson, Justin Martin, and John Godwin are all loyal employees of Duck Commander. They spend their days hand making duck calls in the “Duck Call Room,” at the company’s warehouse.

However, in most episodes of Duck Dynasty they can be found goofing off and participating in shenanigans.

To grow productivity, the Duck Commander CEO decided to buy a 3-D printer. Willie instructed the men to create duck call prototypes. That’s not exactly what they did.

Jep’s Lifelong Dream

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Jep announced to the men that he had fulfilled his life long dream of having a ninja throwing star with his name on it. He’d figured out how to print one up using the 3-D printer.

“It took forever, I have to read the manual, and there were some big words I have to look up, but I did it,” said Jep. The men were all quite impressed with what the Robertson son had created. They took turns throwing it at a picture of Willie’s face. All in good jest, of course. 

Jase Is Inspired

Jase was inspired by his younger brother’s creation, and decided he too wanted to print something. Not a duck call prototype of course, but a wiffle ball. He and Godwin made a tiny wiffleball with a matching tiny bat. The two played with the toys they had created, and acted like children.

Godwin Needs a Spoon

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As they played with the wiffle ball, Godwin realized he wanted a spoon. He had brought cereal to eat, and needed a utensil. Godwin is constantly the butt of food jokes because he never stops eating. The men decided to make him a “pocket spoon.”

Sadly, their plan was foiled as Willie came in and realized they hadn’t been working on the prototypes.


Willie Hits Home

Willie finally did make a duck call prototype. When speaking of the 3-D printer he said, “I haven’t even plugged this thing in yet, and it’s already one of my most productive workers!” Willie hit home with the Duck Commander employees when he reminded them that twenty 3-D printers could do their job 24 hours a day. The men decided this was their cue to begin to work. They actually started making Duck Calls for a change.

The Spoon Is Made

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When Willie realized the men were actually working, he was very pleased. He even made Godwin a spoon. It was teal and the perfect size, however it had Willie’s name on it and not Godwin’s. We suppose that was a reminder to Godwin of who’s really the boss. 

The men certainly love to goof off and try new things. However, They’ll never be able to replace their handcrafted Duck Call making skill with machines.

What is your favorite Duck Commander call?