Find Out The Surprising Grown-Up Look Of Sadie Robertson’s Little Sister


Bella Robertson is one of the younger Robertson cousins. We often saw glimpses of her on Duck Dynasty, but never really got to know her. Now she’s all grown up, and writing about body acceptance on the Live Original blog.

Bella Robertson

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You’ll never believe what Bella Robertson looks like now. She’s 15 years old, and has matured before our eyes since we last saw her on Duck Dynasty. We would often see Bella in toe with Korie and Willie Robertson. She was never featured as prominently as her older siblings John Luke and Sadie were. However, we would see her at family dinners and events.

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Now Bella has grown into a beautiful young teenager, and she’s sharing her insight with the world. Just like her big sister Sadie she has a lot to say. She recently wrote a blog post for the Live Original website all about body positivity. Bella admitted that in the past she hasn’t been kind to herself while looking in the mirror. She challenged readers to truly love their appearances, and remember that God created them. She wrote, “Guys, body positivity is really a confidence issue. Confidence doesn’t have to be conceited thing. You can be confident in the most humble authentic way. It is all about what you believe about yourself though.”

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