Would Missy Robertson Disagree With Phil Robertson’s Latest Remarks? Probably.


Phil Robertson’s latest video recently came out about the difference between males and females. In the video he talks about how women shouldn’t have any hair on their face. Fans wondered what his many daughter-in-laws and granddaughters would have to say…but we already know. He and Missy Robertson have had this argument before.

Phil Robertson’s Latest Video

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Phil Robertson’s latest controversial video surrounded the idea that the difference between males and females is facial hair. Phil said, “Hair. You say females, no hair on their face. Peach fuzz, and they pull that out, don’t like that. But men have this. Males. Characteristic of a male. There’s a difference. Just look.” He went on to comment on the looks of girls. He said, “You girls got something like that hanging off of you? What would you do with it? You wouldn’t look like much that’s for sure.”

We’re willing to bet that Missy Robertson isn’t too happy about the video. Last year Phil Robertson made similar remarks at her home, and the Duck wife caught the whole thing on camera.

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Jase Robertson shaved his beard for the first time since Duck Dynasty, and Missy celebrated by inviting the entire family over to the couple’s home. She took her phone around, videoing the family’s reactions. When she got to her father-in-law and asked him what he thought of his son’s clean shaven face, she got more than she bargained for. Phil said, ““I’m looking at females. And females, they do not have hair coming out of their face…Being a bible man, therefore I’ve concluded God made males whereby hair comes out of their face. Surely he didn’t do that so you would have to cut it off every day.”

Missy’s Retort

Of course, as a woman, Missy knew that Phil wasn’t exactly correct. Females do naturally grow hair all over their bodies, just like males. It’s societal beauty standards that keep women from growing out arm pit, leg, and even some facial hair- not nature. She retorted on camera, “but hair comes out of women’s legs. So what are you gonna do about that?”

Phil laughed off the argument saying he liked “french style,” but audiences could tell there was tension. We would love to hear what Missy Robertson would have to say about Phil Robertson’s latest video. Do you think she’d let it go, or would she once again retort her father-in-law?