Willie Robertson’s Daughter In Law Is Still Struggling And NEEDS Our Prayers


Willie Robertson’s daughter in law, Mary Kate Robertson, has had a long battle with both depression and Lyme Disease. The 21-year-old recently admitted she thought she’d be doing well by now… but she needs her fans’ prayers.

Mary Kate Robertson’s Health Battle

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Mary Kate Robertson has been incredibly open and candid about her struggle with both depression and Lyme disease. As Willie Robertson’s daughter in law, Mary Kate has been given a large platform and she has responsibly used it to raise awareness about both illnesses.

Back in 2016, Mary Kate wrote a blog post titled My Battle With Depression. In it, she chronicled her struggle with self-doubt, sadness, and an overall sense of anxiety. She admitted that even while on her honeymoon with John Luke she wasn’t truly happy. However, it seemed that after seeking treatment  Mary Kate was finally on the mend. She wrote, “I have never been more thankful in my entire life. I am so grateful for a God who is offering me joy during my trials and a God who is offering me hope after my life on earth.”

Sadly, Mary Kate recently admitted she’s not where she would like to be health-wise. The Robertson family traveled with Israel as a family this holiday season. Mary Kate explained that she switched medicines a month before the trip. She wanted the medicine to help with, “my chronic fatigue, mood, and even weight loss…3 things my body seems to wage against me.” She wrote, “I had had in my head that by the time we were in Israel my medicine would have already kicked in and I’d be feeling great. Well we got to Israel and not only had in not kicked in, I was still experiencing side effects from the medicine, namely: horrible, painful cystic acne.”

Goodbye To Should

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Like all of the Robertsons, Mary Kate is still holding out hope. She continues to lean on God despite her struggles. She wrote, “I look at myself and my sick family. We are sick. I am hopeful and I am prayerful and I am going to continue to see my doctor. But I am not going to fixate on how my life should be and let that steal away my joy.”

We pray Willie Robertson’s daughter in law, Mary Kate, will find peace and healing. We applaud her ability to be so open about her struggles.