Willie Robertson’s Daughter In Law Is Becoming Quite The Expert At…


Willie Robertson’s daughter in law, Mary Kate Robertson, is becoming quite the expert in photography. Many fans have noticed her natural artistic abilities. Finally, she’s doling out advice on how to make a blog that really pops.

Willie Robertson’s Daughter In Law

Photo by thelittleduckwife.com

Mary Kate Robertson is Willie Robertson’s daughter in law, the wife of John Luke Robertson. She and John Luke attend Liberty University in Virginia. The school is a Christian University, focused on creating educated and multi-talented men and women of faith.

Mary Kate and John Luke support themselves through speaking engagements and sponsorship. John Luke works with his sister Sadie Robertson on the Live Original tour and Mary Kate sells advertisements on social media. However, Mary Kate also brings in revenue and interest through her blog, The Little Duck Wife.

The Little Duck Wife is a fabulous blog written by Mary Kate. It features gorgeous pictures of her and John Luke’s life together. Many of the Robertsons are featured in the photos. It’s hard not to notice the talent behind these images. They’re not just “point and shoot” iPhone photos. Finally, Mary Kate is sharing her secrets to creating such fantastic shots.

Photo Talk

Mary Kate posted a blog called Photo Talk and explained to her many readers how she creates such stunning pictures. Apparently, the process is a lot more casual than you’d think. She explained, “As you can probably tell, I do not take most of my pictures since I am the person in most of my pictures haha. I just supply the camera, make sure its in the right settings, tell how I want the picture shot, and do the editing. Sweet John Luke is the one behind the camera, and if we are in the picture together, it’s self-timer, a friend, a sibling, or a mom.”

Apparently, a love for photography runs in her family. Mary Kate wrote, “My mom and uncle both enjoy it, so when I was little I’d just use whatever camera my mom had and make my sister go outside and let me take pictures of her.” She uses a Canon6D, which is a pretty expensive piece of equipment. However, she says, ” I would not at all recommend this for your first camera. I had like 4 cameras before this one. I was given two different digital cameras when I was little that I would take to camp in the summer or on vacation.”

Are you impressed by Willie Robertson’s daughter in law’s photography skills?