Willie Robertson Was TOTALLY Wrong About This One Thing


Willie Robertson made a prediction about which brother would shave his beard first last year, and he was totally wrong. Looks like the Robertsons don’t know they’re family as well as they think. Here’s what went down when Willie and Korie looked back at their Duck Dynasty journey.

Willie Robertson’s Prediction

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Willie Robertson joined his wife Korie to speak with Us Weekly last year as Duck Dynasty came to a close. It looks like Willie was wrong about who would shave his beard first. 

Willie predicted Jep would be the first Robertson to ax the famous facial hair. The Robertson men were under contract with A&E, and in their contract, they were not allowed to shave their beards off. In previous years the men had only kept their long beards during duck season, but the show loved the look and wanted them to have it year round.

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When asked if any of the Robertson men would shave after the final episode, Willie Replied, “I’d say no.” He quickly added, “I bet Jep.” Willie thought his younger brother would be the first to make the cut. However, we all know that Jase was actually the only one to go beardless in the past year. Korie was in tune enough to actually predict this. In 2016 she said, “Missy really wants Jase to, and he’s considering it.”

This Fall, Jase actually did shave the beard, to Missy’s delight. He shaved in honor of a contribution to the Mia Moo fund. Missy filmed the entire process, and couldn’t contain her excitement. Looks like Korie knows her sister in law pretty well.

Their Favorite Moments

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Willie and Korie also shared some of their favorite memories from their time on the show. The family shot to fame so quickly. Their whirlwind story was probably hard to process all at once. Korie said, “The first time we went to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner [in 2013], the Secret Service guys were like, “Mr. and Mrs. Robertson, the Obamas would like to meet you.” They pulled us behind a curtain into this room. Nicole Kidman was there!” Willie added, “President [Barack] Obama said he watches the show on Air Force One. We got such a kick out of that!”

Did you agree with Willie Robertson and think Jep Robertson would be the first to shave?