How The Robertson Family Managed To Build Their Duck Commander Empire From Scratch


Today, Willie Robertson lives the life of luxury in West Monroe Louisiana. He’s lived in the city his whole life. However, things have definitely changed over time.

Willie Robertson’s Humble Beginnings

Willie Robertson may be a millionaire now, but he remembers when things were really tough. He said, “We always laugh at ourselves. We don’t take ourselves very seriously. We’ve done that since we were kids, whatever circumstances. The Robertsons came from very humble beginnings. There was no money, we had three channels on TV. We all lived in a two bedroom, basically a camp down on the river.”

Despite their poor state in life, the family was happy. They knew what it was like to be in distress. Phil had many years of “sex drugs and rock and roll.” Now that he was home with his family, they didn’t mind not having much food or money.

Willie said, “We were always proud. We made jokes, and told jokes and sat by the dinner table. We were commercial fisherman, that’s what we were doing.”

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Willie says even back then Phil could see what Duck Commander would be. The head of the house, Phil knew that he’d be able to provide a better life soon. Willie recalled, “Dad was making duck calls, telling us these dreams about ‘one day we’re gonna sell a million dollars worth of these things.’ It seemed like a option at the time we didn’t have a lot else going on.”

The family worked together, and we all know how that story ends.

Wasn’t Easy Right Away

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However, it wasn’t a complete rags-to-riches story. Duck Commander didn’t do so well right away. Willie admitted, “Even five to ten years ago, we were struggling with the business, borrowing money. We went all in on it to say there’s something here now that we can do.”

Willie says working as a family, and taking opportunities as they come has been the key to success. We all know that Willie Robertson now is the CEO of Duck Commander, a multi-million dollar empire. We wonder what his little childhood self would say if he could see the home he would one day own.