Willie Robertson Shares The #1 Quality Of A Great Leader


Willie Robertson spoke to an eager group of listeners in Minnesota at a Leadership Conference. He decided to speak on leadership, something he has a great deal of experience in. He says the key to leading is to follow Christ.

Willie Robertson’s Leadership

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As the CEO of Duck Commander, he’s led an entire host of employees (and family members) to create the brand and empire the business is today. He’s also the dad of 6 kids, a position that requires quite a great deal of leadership skills.

That’s why it made perfect sense that Willie decide to speak on leadership at the event. He started saying, “I don’t even think of myself as a leader, I really don’t. But there’s a lot of leaders in our family. I come from a family of leaders, strong leaders.”

He has, however, picked up some great skills over the years. He said, “There’s different types of leadership styles. Whether you’re in business, church of families. We need to make sure we pattern how we lead people after the right people. Our family has always used the bible. That’s who we read about and that’s who we pattern ourselves after, are people in the bible.”

Willie admitted there are some great leaders on earth to model after, but the best person you could look to for an example is Jesus. The Robertson family always looks to what Jesus taught before they speak, start a new project, or lead a group.

Attitude Like Christ Jesus

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Willie Robertson said, “I want my attitude to be like Christ Jesus.” He wants to lead his people towards God always, not just towards monetary success or worldly success. Willie added, “We can’t lead unless we know who exactly led us.”

He loves Jesus with all his heart and is able to make a difference in this world by following him. Phil, Kay, Korie and many of the other Robertsons feel the same way. How can you be like Willie Robertson in your life and lead people towards God?