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Willie Robertson Says Hunting Is Like Going To Church

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-06-16

Willie Robertson says hunting makes him feel closer to God, just as you would if you were in church.

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Willie Robertson sporting his hunting gun (photo via Buck Commander)

When Willie was presented with the idea of a book, which would become American Hunter: How Legendary Hunters Shaped America, he was super excited. In the book, he tells stories of famous hunters in American history as well as his own tales out in the field.

“I wanted to see the impact hunting had on this country,” he told Fox News. “I’ve grown up hunting my whole life. It’s been our family business as well. Obviously, our family is passionate about hunting and the great outdoors so I wanted to put this collection together.”

During his research for the book, he actually discovered some pretty shocking things about our country’s history. And he had high praise for our former President Teddy Roosevelt for his conservation efforts and hunting regulations.

“A lot surprised me… how hard it was, how harsh our young America was,” he said. “People really hunted out of necessity. Now we do it because we love it. …It’s good and bad, we about decimated our buffalo… animals were over-hunted.”

But ultimately, hunting is contemplative for Willie. He feels closer to God while doing it.

“I do [feel closer to God],” he said. “It slows down. I’m super busy with the television show and the kids and you get out there and you turn the cell phone off and it’s just you and nature and the animals and how they survive. It’s very spiritual.”

Willie seems to be a great spokesperson for hunting, and he knows what he’s doing (I mean, he should because he runs Buck Commander).

For example, check out the below video of him hunting with a stealth camera.

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C. Murph

C. Murph is a freelance writer who lives in Pennsylvania.

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