Willie Robertson Quotes: Trump Is The Most Liberal Republican President Ever


Willie Robertson spoke recently to The Contributing Factor podcast about the current state of the nation. He spoke about President-elect Trump, protests, and fear. 

He also offered this opinion, “Trump is the most liberal Republican President we’ve ever had.” That’s a good one to add to the long list of Willie Robertson quotes.

Willie’s Take on Fear

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When asked what he thought of the current chaos in America over the 2016 election, Willie Robertson had this to say. “Fear is quite a motivator. People use fear in advertising, especially in politics. A lot of it is about fear.”

Willie also referred to many people’s assumptions that a Trump presidency means the end of the world. “I heard the exact same thing about Obama,” Willie recalls.

He also added that he had heard of fears from conservatives about Hilary in the same way. Willie is adamant that there is plenty of fear on both sides. As Willie well knows, fear is a major component of human nature, regardless of the political position you take. 


He Tries Not To Read Too Much Into It

When it comes to the nay sayers, and conspiracy theorists, Willie tries not to read too much into it. He pointed out that every four or eight years, people are always saying that this is a tipping point for the nation. It’s simply the way the news cycle works. Willie disclosed that Phil Robertson, his father, didn’t watch the news for six months after Obama was elected president.

Stop Tearing Stuff Up

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When it comes to disappointment, however, Willie did admit that he does not understand the violence. There have been many reports of riots and destruction throughout the nation in protest of Trump’s election win.

Robertson stated, “What concerns me are the protestors and the straight out rioting — and then we start tearing up stuff. I don’t understand that.”

Willie also said he has had to accept riots as part of every day American culture. “As Americans, I think we just have to realize, that’s what we do!” He exclaimed. “We tear things up. Even when your team wins the Superbowl — we’re going to go into the city of that team and we’re just gonna tear stuff up.” 

For Those Who Believe Trump Wants To Blow Up The World

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Willie also said he doesn’t understand the people who believe Trump will “blow up the world.” “The last I checked, President-elect Trump has a big family. He has grandchildren and children, they live in New York City,” Willie pointed out. Willie believes that as a family man Trump will be cautious when it comes to war.

“He is just like every other human being who wants his family to be safe,” Willie stated. “Trump is the most liberal republican president we’ve ever had.” Willie finished. 

Overall, Willie Robertson seemed hopeful for the future of America. He is confident in the man he endorsed.

What do you think about Willie’s assertion that Trump is the most liberal Republican we’ve seen?