Willie And Korie Robertson’s REAL Thoughts On Duck Commander Sign


The Duck Commander sign has become an icon for the Duck Dynasty fandom. True fans have driven down to West Monroe Louisiana just to get a glimpse of the famous warehouse. Here’s what Willie and Korie really think about that special piece of wood.

Duck Dynasty‘s Success

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Photo by duckcommander.com

The Duck Commander sign is infamous among Duck Dynasty fans. It’s a simple plaque made out of wood, hung outside the Duck Commander warehouse in West Monroe Louisiana.

Willie Robertson didn’t realize how well the show was doing until he realized people were traveling just to snap a photo with the sign. He admitted, “People started showing up to the warehouse. At first, it was two, and I was like, “Hey, come on in!” Then two turned into 20 turned into 40 turned into 2,000. They were making the pilgrimage down here to be part of it.”

With that fame came great responsibility, and awesome opportunities. Willie also shared that his favorite part of being famous is, “Getting to meet people I look up to, whether they’re athletes, musicians, actors or politicians. You get to have a quality conversation and learn what’s cool about their life.”

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