The Unique Way Phil Robertson’s Wife Handles His Severity


Willie and Korie Robertson know Phil and Miss Kay better than nearly any one else on the planet. They’ve watched as their mother has dealt with Phil her entire life. They praise her ability to “not sweat the small stuff,” and keep a jovial attitude about everything.

Miss Kay Stuck By Her Man

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Most Duck Dynasty fans know of the hard time Miss Kay had to endure in order to stand by her man. Phil was living a life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll during their boy’s early childhood years. However, Kay stood by him and continued to pray for him. To this day, she still loves him and never held a grudge.

Willie Robertson pointed out in The Duck Commander Family that Kay and Phil couldn’t be more different. He wrote, “Phil says he doesn’t even know how to laugh, while Kay is always jovial and constantly has a big smile on her face. You know what they say about how opposites attract.”

Willie also explained that he and his mom share a special bond. They often poke fun at Phil or annoy him while he tries to focus. Willie explained, ” Jase and Phil are a lot more serious and have a much more dry sense of humor, so Kay and I are always making fun of them and have our inside jokes about them. Sometimes, Kay and I will be in the kitchen laughing together, and Phil will walk in and tell us we’re being too noisy. He’ll be trying to watch the late news and will say, ‘Hey, Saturday Night Live is over.'” It sounds like Kay found solace and company in her boys. Her husband might not understand her humor but her son certainly does.

Korie Is Impressed By Her Patience

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Living in a house with four men must have been hard for Miss Kay. Especially when all four are keen to trudge in mud, get into mischief, and cause a scene. However, Korie says her mother in law has always been able to keep a level head. She wrote, “The thing that has impressed me most about Kay is that she really rarely gets truly aggravated or mad at Phil and the boys. She knows how to not sweat the small stuff. She’s been through a lot in her and Phil’s marriage, and I think it taught her that most things are really not worth getting mad at.”

We could all learn a lesson from Miss Kay. She’s stood by her man and found the bright side in things all her life. Would you have been able to keep a happy heart all these years?