SNEAK PEEK: This Duck Brother Released A New Devotional… Here’s Exactly What It Says


Remember how the Robertsons released a devotional? Ever wonder what’s inside? Look no further — we have the answers.

source: Duck Commander

The devotional is 365 days of scriptures to encourage you, short stories to give it life, and prayers from different family members. They even include prayers from Duck Dynasty regulars Godwin, Martin, and Mountain Man.

Alan Robertson (aka the “Beardless Brother”) initiated this devotional. And maybe, if 14-year-old Alan had this devotional, he wouldn’t have drifted into the darkness he felt.

As a new teenager, Alan was going to church and youth group, but he still “got darkened on the inside,” he told CBN. His parents, Phil and Miss Kay, tried their best to help him get on the right track, but Alan’s heart was determined to push back. So they had to make the difficult decision to kick him out of the house after he graduated high school. He was infecting his brothers.

He said after that, he “took off to the wild country and didn’t have any wealth, but certainly squandered.” 

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Alan’s prodigal return

Alan Robertson
Screen shot Alan and Lisa Robertson Interview

Fortunately for everyone, he got a hold of himself and came back home ready to change.

Then he became the pastor at the Robertson’s local church, White’s Ferry Road Church, where he worked for the past 26 years. Within the past few years, however, he decided to resign in order to work for Duck Commander and occasionally appear on the show. 

“It wasn’t an easy decision,” he said. “It took about a year in prayer to make that move. We saw it as an opportunity for a national ministry, really an international ministry. Many fans really don’t understand Christianity and the spiritual part of who we are. So, who better to do that than the guy who’s been a pastor all these years. It’s a perfect platform to get the Gospel out.”

So he decided to put out the Duck Commander Devotional in order to spread the Good News.

“I called all of my family and said, ‘Look, we need to put together some of the things we love from scripture, why they impact us — maybe tell a funny story or why it impacts you — and just like the show, let’s close it with a prayer.'”

And there you have it. The Robertson’s devotional. Pick it up for just $13.

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