What The Robertson Kids Look Like Now- Mia Robertson Will SHOCK You


The Robertson kids are all grown up and running their own businesses. We met them when they were just in grade school, running around, and playing outside in West Monroe, Louisiana. Now they’re teenagers, coming of age, and creating their own dynasty.

The Robertson Kids Are Alright

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The Robertson kids were catapulted into the spotlight at an early age. Their parent’s fame and fortune placed them in front of the camera lens at only 7 and 8 years old. Now, they’re embracing their roles as Robertson young adults and some of them are even growing their own brands.

Jase Robertson has always said that children are a priority in the Robertson family. He stated, “I actually have a job making duck calls. So we have all these things going on. And the tough part is, where’s the time for the kids… We have the maturity to realize fame is fleeting, and money is fleeting. What counts if you faith and your family.” He said of the kids, “That’s my primary responsibility of who I want to see in heaven.”

Willie Robertson agrees. He added, “The foremost dream that all of us have for future Robertsons is that they know Jesus Christ and trust Him as their savior, living their lives according to godly principles. Second, we want them to be true to their families — to love, respect and support each other.” 

Over the past few years, the Robertsons have made sure to prioritize their children’s upbringing, despite hectic celebrity schedules. Korie Robertson said, “Making sure our kids spend time with our extended families, as well as with our church family, is where connection begins. And maybe most important, we try to speak and show our love for church and family in our own home.”

It seems like they’ve done a great job. The kids are growing up now but there have been no major young Hollywood scandals like we see with so many other reality TV show families. Perhaps that sweet southern upbringing is helping them to stay rooted in their faith.

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