What Jep Robertson REALLY Thinks Of His Family…


Jep and Jessica Robertson are the youngest of the Duck Dynasty couples. Here’s what they’ve had to say about fame, family, and faith.

Jep Robertson Says They’re All Black Sheep

Jep Robertson claims everyone in his family is weird and that he predicted the success of Duck Dynasty. One of the reasons DD was so popular was because of the family’s unique nature. Jep explained, “It’s pretty true to life, I’ve always thought my family was a little off. People always ask me, ‘do you think the show’s going to be such a big success?’ and I thought, yeah. Actually I thought if people knew my family and how crazy they are and just how different, I said it’s gonna be good.”

So does Jep exclude himself from that crazy narrative? Not one bit. He explained, “I don’t know if I’m that normal. I think we’re a whole family full of black sheep.” The Robertsons are certainly off the beaten path (literally and figuratively). They have created a name for themselves in the entertainment industry because of their unique views of family and faith. However, one thing that has kept them in the public eye is their openness. Unlike many celebrities, the Robertsons never try to hide certain parts of their lives. They lay it all out there. Perhaps none more than Jep and Jessica Robertson.

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