Everything You Didn’t Know About The Robertsons’ ‘Duck Commander’ Calls


You may be the biggest Duck Dynasty fan on the planet, but do you really know anything about duck calls? It’s funny to think that perhaps half of the Robertsons’ fans don’t even know what business their Duck Commander is really all about. Here’s what you need to know about a duck call, the product that put the Robertsons on the map.

There Are Many Different Types Of Duck Calls

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There isn’t just a one-size-fits-all duck call that you can buy at the store and immediately become an expert hunter. No, in fact Duck Commander sells over 32 different duck calls on its website. Each is specifically designed to mimic a certain breed, or species. You can also pick ducks based on style and color. For example, many ladies like the pink diamond wood duck call. 

Each call is created to produce a slightly different sound. A novice hunter might not be able to tell a difference, but Phil Robertson sure can.

Duck Dynasty fans have probably picked up on the fact that Phil Robertson is an expert duck caller. He’s had a passion for hunting for as long as he can remember, and that includes calling. The second thing that many fans might not realize is that duck calling is an art form in itself. There are competitions held all over the country for duck calling. It takes skill and technique to produce a realistic sound. The call is made of a reed, similar to a woodwind instrument in an orchestra.

Different Types Of Sounds

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There aren’t just specific calls for specific breeds. A skilled caller can also mimic many different types of sounds, based on the duck’s behavior. For example, many ducks have a specific “greeting call” they make that is much different than their normal communication. It’s how they say hello. A skilled hunter will call this sound when he first sees ducks in the distance to lure them closer.

There are also feeding calls that ducks make while they eat and even a lonesome hen call used by ducks when a member of the family has fallen behind. If a hunter uses these many different sounds at the appropriate time, he’ll find his hunt to be much more successful.

As a Duck Dynasty fan, have you ever thought about duck calls this much? It’s crazy to think this is the product that launched the entire dynasty.