What Does Mia Robertson Look Like Now?


It’s been over a year since Duck Dynasty left the airways and fans are wondering- what does Mia Robertson look like now? She’s one of the youngest and sweetest Robertsons. While a year might not seem like a long time, when you’re twelve years old, it can be an eternity. Well, Mia’s growing up like a flower and she’s even stepping into her family’s entrepreneurial tradition.

What Does Mia Robertson Look Like Now?

What does Mia Robertson look like now? Fans are dying to know. We met Mia when she was still in grade school. We’d see her in Duck Dynasty episodes with her little cousins. She was always running around at Miss Kay’s house with Lily and Merritt, Jep and Jessica’s daughters. 

Now, Mia has transformed into a beautiful young woman. She still lives in West Monroe Louisiana with her family and attends middle school. She’ll be attending high school in the Fall. That’s hard to believe- her brothers were in high school when Duck Dynasty first began. Missy Robertson posted the above photo from Mia’s last high school track meet last week. She boasted about her daughter’s 1st place victory with her Christian school.

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