The Robertsons Reveal The REAL Way They’ve Built Their Fortune


The Robertsons are known for their outdoor lifestyle and family values. They let cameras into their lives to film Duck Dynasty, and marketed themselves as a family who loves Jesus, and lives simply. However, fans are aware of their incredible wealth. Despite their simple lifestyle, these duck hunters are sitting on some pretty large estates. Here’s what they’re really worth, and how they make their millions.

The Robertsons’ Wealth- Starts With Willie

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Willie Robertson is the most wealthy family member. The Robertsons have all built up the family business, Duck Commander, but Willie ultimately runs the show. He’s been the CEO of the operation for many years now. He helped to grow the company into what it is today, and it was his brain power that turned the small family business into an entire empire of branded products. Willie is reported to be worth around 20 million dollars. Aside from being the Duck Commander CEO, and bringing in checks from A&E, Willie is also the author of The American Fisherman, a book about the history of fishing in America.

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