Any dad would be thrilled to get a birthday video from their son stationed overseas. But this dad got more than that, and it brought him to tears.

American Veterans are crucial to the success, freedom, and unity of our country, so when one of them returns unharmed to their family members, it’s wonderful day (photo Credit US News) As the dad’s family and friends surrounded him, everyone watched a previously recorded video from his son, a sailor.

“Hey, Dad,” the son said on the video. “It’s me, over here in good ole Bahrain.”

People in the room started to tear up. 

The son apologized that he wasn’t there and wished his dad a happy 50th birthday. Then he injected a little humor into the emotional moment.

“Do me a favor, suck it up, princess,” the son said.

Everyone chuckled. Then a woman steps up to the birthday dad and says some words that he didn’t expect to hear.

The reaction the birthday dad had when he saw his formerly deployed son enter the room as a surprise (photo via YouTube)

“Turn around and give your son a hug,” she said. 

The dad looked over his shoulder and there he was — his son, all dressed up in his uniform. Once the dad saw his son, the rivers flowed from his eyeballs. He stood up and hugged him for a long time. In the background, you can hear Toby Keith’s song “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” playing over the speakers, adding to the emotion of the entire scene.

Everyone in the room cheered loudly as the father and son hugged a couple times. By the end of the video, the son was even tearing up and wiping away the water from his face.

Check out the touching moment below (and get some tissues ready)…

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