NEW: Sadie Reveals She Almost Didn’t…


Sadie Robertson almost didn’t do Dancing With The Stars. The reason? Lack of confidence. 

Sadie Robertson performing on “Dancing With The Stars” with dancing partner, Mark Ballas (source: ABC News)

“The day I got a call for Dancing With the Stars is probably one of the least confident days I’ve ever had in my life,” she said. “I was thinking — I can’t dance! I can’t go in front of millions of people and dance! What if I get out week one? What if I lose all my friends because I’ll be gone so long?” Sadie also feared

She also was afraid of being homesick.

“I don’t want to go out to LA,” she said. “It’s such a big and scary place!” 

Sadie was getting ready to say “no” to the offer of auditioning for the dancing competition. But then her little sister, Bella, changed her path with one simple question. 

“Is this the fear talking or is this Sadie talking?” Bella asked her.

That’s some serious wisdom.

And it’s a good thing Sadie said “yes” to the Dance — she and her dancing partner, Mark Ballas, made it to the final round of the competition.

So what are Sadie’s dancing habits now? Have her skills tapered off at all?

You can see her dance moves in a video posted on her very successful YouTube channel (currently with over 100K subscribers).

“Little Will started making up mixes on the computer, so I started making up dances with friends,” she writes in the video description. “We know we aren’t pros, but we are just having fun! Do what makes ya happy.”

Watch the fun video below:

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