Watch Godwin Imitate Michael Jackson



People often forget about John Godwin. But then every once in a while, he reminds people that he’s hilarious. One example: he recently imitated Michael Jackson’s dance moves.

source: YouTube

We recently reported Godwin’s net worth, and it’s an indication of just how important he was to Duck Dynasty. He added to the duck call room banter, is like a brother to the Robertsons, and has been with Duck Commander for many years.

He enjoys hunting (obviously), but also fishing and hanging out with the family. No matter where he is or whom he’s with, he is determined to have fun.

During a recent duck hunt in Arkansas, he was so happy, happy, happy with how that day was going, he did a little jig — one reminiscent of the King of Pop.  

“This is what you do when you rip ’em,” he said as he danced.


One of the hunters he was with said the group had expected to kill just two ducks, but ended up going home with many more than that.

Even when the Robertsons forced him to dye his beard, he still had fun.

“Everyone knows, the best form of camouflage during duck season is a man’s beard,” Jase Roebrtson said. “Except for John Godwin! His beard became a bit of a problem for us during duck season; he started flaring ducks! And in our duck blind, that’s a no-no.”

Bright white is not good when you’re trying to be conspicuous.

“If your beard turns white, that’s like a deer, a deer’s flag in the duck blind,” Phil said. “They see it! The man who stood out the most was in fact, John the Walrus Godwin.”

So, Godwin being the roll-with-the-punches guy he is, took a trip to a salon to dye his beard. 

He’s one of the reasons we’ll miss Duck Dynasty!

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