This Video Perfectly Describes Phil Robertson And Miss Kay’s Personalities


Phil Robertson and Miss Kay have been through A LOT through the years. They’ve endured trials and tribulations, brought four boys into the world, and grown an entire business out of nothing. we found a throwback video clip, we just can’t stand it’s so good. This video shows Phil and Kay for who they really are- perfect balances to one another.

Phil Robertson And Miss Kay- The Ying And The Yang

Phil Robertson and Miss Kay have been married well over 50 years. With a half of century together, they’ve learned to live with each other’s quirks, and love each other’s weaknesses.

In this hilarious throwback clip we see the married couple interact with three of their many grandkids. Phil is trying to teach the children how to make Meehaw jelly. It’s a long and arduous process, that pre-teens don’t exactly appreciate. However, it seems Miss Kay is the most distracted during the whole thing.

There are two things we love about this video. One, is just how seriously Phil Robertson takes making jelly. Phil takes the whole world seriously. He’s not one to cut up, or brush off responsibility. He’s the steady hand in the family, providing discipline, and guidance.

Miss Kay on the other hand is silly, and loves to have a laugh. She’s always cooing at her dogs, and joking with her grandkids. It’s almost as if Phil’s lecture on patience should be geared towards her.

The Thing That Binds

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So what binds these two completely opposite personalities? They both very obviously love their grandkids. They’ve taken time out of their day to spend with Bella, John Luke, and Willie Jr. Phil is being patient, and is trying to teach an important lesson. Kay is fussing with Bella’s hugging her and fixing her hair.

It’s clear this is a pair of people who love hard, and who love each other. They accept each other for who they are, and they accept their major differences. 

Can you believe this hilarious throwback clip of Phil Robertson and Miss Kay?