Look What Si Is Doing Now… Fans Are Pretty Surprised At This


The Robertsons have all moved on to new things since Duck Dynasty ended. Some of them are speaking all over the world. Some of them are getting involved in politics and some of them are creating their own companies. However, Uncle Si is doing something completely unexpected- and we love it.

Uncle Si’s Band

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Photo by unclesiandthesicotics.com

Everyone’s favorite Duck Dynasty character decided not to get heavy into politics, host his own Youtube channel, or sponsor a company. Instead he’s singing in venues all over the south with his new band and having a good time while he does it.

Uncle Si and The Sicotics have been touring the country, and playing to large crowds. Most of their concerts have benefited needy children. For example, just last weekend they performed in Weber City at the Hometown festival. All proceeds from the show went to needy families of sick children in the area. 

Uncle Si and Sicotics sing country music. Fans might be surprised that they don’t sing worship music since the Robertsons tend to lean towards religious branding. However, the Sicotics website states, “Uncle Si and the Sicotics is the brainchild of Uncle Si himself (yes, that guy from Duck Dynasty) and his daughter-in-law Marsha Robertson, Mixed up with a lotta-bit of Bridgette Tatum (Writer of Jason Aldean’s 2-week #1 hit “She’s Country). All three were raised on good country music, rock n’ roll, and southern gospel.”

Story Time

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Photo by kingsporttimesnews.com

Of course, most fans attending the Sicotic’s shows don’t just want to hear Si sing. They come to see and hear their favorite television character in real life. Si speaks to the crowd and even tells a story or two. The band’s website states, “You never know what’s gonna happen, cause they don’t know what’s gonna happen, or who just might show up! Welcome to the show filled with faith family and fun!”

We love that Uncle Si decided to branch out into a new area of the entertainment industry. Who’s up for a Sicotics concert in the future?