JUST IN: Uncle Si’s Daughter Makes MAJOR Announcement


Uncle Si has been notoriously private about his immediate family. He never brought them on Duck Dynasty, and some fans didn’t even know he was married with children. However, now his daughter is stepping into the spotlight in a major way- but running for an official government position.

Another Robertson Family

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Uncle Si is one of the most beloved characters on Duck Dynasty. The Robertson family’s favorite Uncle is known for his wise-cracks, hilarious puns, and wild adventures. However, he never brought his own wife or children on the show. While we met all of Phil and Kay’s many children and grandchildren, we never met any of Si’s. 

Some fans were concerned that Si was actually single his whole life. Despite the confusion, that isn’t the case at all. Uncle Si actually has a lovely family and has been happily married for over 46 years to Christine Robertson. They have two children together, who each have four children of their own.

Si calls his kids “miracle babies.” Apparently, doctors had told his wife that she would be unable to conceive. He explained, “I said, ‘Hey, the doctors don’t have the final word. I believe in a higher power… and I got two miracle babies who gave me four grandsons each.”

Uncle Si’s Daughter

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Now one of Uncle Si’s miracle babies is making major headlines. Trasa Robertson Cobern is Si’s daughter, and she’s running for elected office in Texas. She’s hoping to become the Tarrant County tax assessor-collector. The position opened up earlier this year when Ron Wright resigned in order to run for US Representative.

Like most of the Robertsons, Trasa just wants to make a difference in this world. She said, “When this position opened up, I felt like it was an opportunity to make a difference on a larger scale.”

It sounds like Uncle Si raised in incredibly smart, ambitious, and wonderful daughter. It’s never a bad thing when a Robertson wants to get involved in a project. Will you be following the race, and checking to see if Uncle Si’s daughter wins?