Uncle Si Makes MAJOR Announcement… Send Him Support


Uncle Si is returning to the public eye. However, this time he won’t be on TV. He and his band, Si and the Sicotics, are set to release a brand new EP on December 15th.

Uncle Si In Country Music

The Robertsons have all been busy since Duck Dynasty. Phil Robertson has engrossed himself in a new television show for CRTV. Korie Robertson has advocated for various charities and politics. Sadie headed a successful tour. Finally, Willie Robertson opened a restaurant. However, it seemed Uncle Si had stepped out of the public eye for good. That is, until recently.

Now, Uncle Si is headed back into the entertainment industry. Except, this time he’s taking over the music business. Uncle Si formed Si and the Sicotics, a country music band. 

Si and the Sicotics are comprised of Si, his daughter-in-law, and Bridgette Tatum, writer of Jason Aldean’s number one hit “She’s Country.” Si and the two ladies will sing country music songs, influenced by rock n’ roll and gospel music. 

Bridgette Tatum produced and co-wrote the record, and says, “It’s the music we were all raised on from back-porch picking to roadhouse guitar riffs… It is music that tells a story about family, faith, and fun.” The EP will be released on Cold River Records.

Uncle Si’s Crowd

Uncle Si will surely draw huge crowds and eager fans. He was one of the most beloved parts of Duck Dynasty. We love his zany catchphrases, ridiculous schemes, and silly antics. 

There’s sure to be quite a lot of that any event Si performs. They’ve been playing quite a few local gigs, and are sure to go even bigger once the EP is released. 

However, apparently, there’s even a little funk in the record. The website states, “From the duck blinds of Louisiana to the shores of California, to the sassy in the Cackalacki, these three have created their own sound pulling from back porch picking to hip-hop rhythm and sweet guitar rifts you’ll never forget.”

We can’t wait to hear Uncle Si’s EP, can you?