Throwback To The Best Duck Dynasty Thanksgiving Memories


Thanksgiving is a holiday for Family, Food, and Fun. It’s no wonder the Robertson family loves Thanksgiving! As a family centered around food and love, it’s a holiday match made in heaven. Do you remember this great Duck Dynasty Thansgiving memory?

The Robertsons At The Macy’s Day Parade

Duck Dynasty premiered in 2012. The show quickly grew in popularity. It surprised many with just how many fans it had. No one thought a redneck family from Louisiana could bring in so many viewers. At the height of their popularity in 2013, The Robertson appeared in America’s favorite Thanksgiving Day tradition — The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. They rode upon a float made took look a boat named the “Marion Carole.”

Everyone Got Involved

Duck Dynasty stars looked a little bemused as their boat-like float Marion Carole made its way along the route lined by 3.5 million spectators
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It’s no surprise that the Robertson family wanted to stay together on Thanksgiving. Almost everyone came along to partake in the festivities. Si Robertson, Jep Robertson, and Willie Robertson stood at the front of the float, dressed in head to toe camouflage. They were bundled up in the cold. The weather was probably quite different in New York than what they’re used to in West Monroe Louisiana. The family waved to fans on both sides of the street. Jessica, Sadie, Korie and a few other family members were also on the float. Others watched from the sidelines.

In Good Company

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade hosts a multitude of celebrities and draws in a huge amount of viewers on the morning of Thanksgiving. The year that the Robertson appeared they were aside the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Kristin Chenowith, Miss America, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Gavin DeGraw. The family had grown in popularity over the course of the year and were recognized immediately.

Social Media Queens

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The Duck Dynasty women are always sure to post on social media and keep their fans involved in what their family is doing. The parade was no exception. Korie Robertson, wife of Willie Robertson, tweeted quite a few photos with the caption “Amazing Experience.” She also wrote on a separate tweet, “Bundled up! About to get on the float!” All of the women looked stylish in their coats and layers. At this point in their life the ladies were just getting used to the spotlight. Big cities weren’t their norm.


But things have changed. These days it seems Sadie Robertson is always in LA and the whole family is jet-setting all the time.

The Family Jumped Right Into Christmas

Sadie with Korie, Missy, Miss Kay, and Jessica at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
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The family used the momentum from the Macy’s Day Parade appearance to launch a Christmas album. The family sang traditional songs together. Some of them actually have some incredible voices! The Robertson family sure does love a good holiday. They certainly embody the spirit of family and togetherness! Happy Thanksgiving Duck Dynasty — we’re grateful for you!