Three Pranks the Duck Dynasty Cast Has Pulled to Get You in the Halloween Spirit


Three Pranks The Ducky Dynasty Cast Has Pulled To Get You In The Spirit For Halloween

We all know this family likes some good old fashioned fun!

Trick or Treat?

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As Halloween nears, the term “Trick or Treat” is on every good-fun loving kids mind.  And if you’ve decided to choose the “trick” over “treat” part of the Holiday, there’s no better example to follow than that of the Duck Dynasty cast. 

The Robertson brothers have boasted about growing up pranking each other constantly.  The current generation of Robertson kids may be growing up with lavish amenities and all opportunities possible, but Jase Willie Jep and Allen all grew up in much simpler times.  The pure joy of pranking a sibling was not lost on them!

Season 8 Episode 7- Brotherly Pranks

In a classic Duck Dynasty episode Jase, Willie, and Jep lock into the prank war of the century.  Here’s three pranks to steal from their arsenal of shenanigans this Halloween:

  1. The Classic Screw-The-Hinges-Off-The-Door

There’s a big debate as to who started this prank war, but regardless Jase is determined to win.  Nothing makes Jase happier than seeing Willie stumble, so he decides to screw the hinges off the door.  In front of other Duck Commander employees, including Godwin Jep and Si, Jase calls to Willie in an urgent tone.  As expected Willie runs in pushing the doors frantically, only to find them fall instantly before him.  “I have to admit it scared the crap out of me,” Willie concedes.

This is a great prank to pull on Trick or Treaters!  Take a page from Jase’s book and unscrew a doorknob, or unhinge the door, so that trick or treaters get a good laugh when approaching your house!


  1. The TPed Truck

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    Photo by A&

This is a classic Halloween prank, but nobody does the toilet paper rolled truck better than the Robertson women.  Eager to get in on the fun, Korie and Missy Robertson enlist the help of their kids and TP Jase and Willie’s most prized possessions- their trucks!  Follow the girl’s lead by using silly string and brightly colored paint to make the prank over the top hysterical.  Willie had to admit it was a good one when he said, “I wasn’t really sure that crap would come out of my beard!”

  1. The Whoopee Cushion

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Another timeless trick- the whoopee cushion can cause quite the commotion at your next Halloween party.  When watching the episode we’re left guessing as to which Grandchild put the cushion under their Grandfather’s seat at the infamous Robertson family dinner.  Laughs were shared all around as the patriarch of the family was finally included in the fun.

Get creative and prank your own family this Halloween.  Family togetherness is a core value of the Duck Dynasty cast, and Halloween is a great excuse to take part in some old-fashioned prank war fun!