This Duck Dynasty Star Will Shave His Beard For Good Cause


Duck Dynasty’s Iconic Beard Collection

Duck Commander | Photo Credit Instagram

A few years ago, a razor company was trying to get the members of ZZ Top to shave their beards, but the rock group wasn’t having it. Likewise, the cast of Duck Dynasty all have equally iconic beards.

Now, however, Jase has decided to shave his beard off for a good cause. A crowdfunding source called raised $100,000 and once they hit this mark, Jase agreed to shave off his beard.

“I thought that was pretty good considering we had only started a couple of weeks before,” said the Duck Dynasty star.

Helping Those In Need, The Duck Way

Duck Commander | Photo Credit Instagram

“One out of 800 kids in some way have a cleft lip or a cleft palate. If it’s just a cleft lip, usually you can have a couple of surgeries and you’re pretty much good to go. They may have to do something as you grow. But when you have a cleft palate issue, what happens is there is no way to correct it,” said Jase.

“They just manage it because as you grow, since it wasn’t right, they have to constantly manage it and schedule surgeries. They’re not guessing but they’re trying to manage it. Last year they had to break her top jaw and move it forward and then she had to wear a brace for 14-16 hours a day.”

Essentially, a cleft palate creates dangers when doing everyday things such as speaking, eating, and even breathing.

Raising $200,000 (And Shaving) To Help Out

Jase Robertson | Photo Credit YouTube

“All three of those things she’s had problems with in her short life. That’s why people like us are using our fame as a platform to help people understand how this works,” he said.

“Eleven surgeries and I would say at least 20 other procedures and you start rolling up quite the bill. And there’s not a whole lot of doctors who specialize in this. It’s a tough road and there’s a lot of suffering.”

In total, 35 families helped raise over $200,000 for the cause and 100 percent of the proceeds go to those in need.

What do you think about this terrific fund-raiser?

  • Buffy & Jack Zorn

    So proud of you, Jase! You can always grow your wonderful beard again! Our precious Kelsey Grace, born Sept 2016 has cleft palate. Her surgery us Sept 7th this year. Of course, we covet everyone’s prayers. The team at UCD, University of California at Davis, is incredible! Thank you for lending your heart and effort to this worthy cause ♡♡♡

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