These Two Christian-Values Shows Are Now History

Last Man Standing | Photo Credit ABC

On Tim Allen’s show, Last Man Standing, a few surprises guests came to visit Outdoor Man.

The show has had several guests, including Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs), Jay Leno, and several Home Improvement cameos.

Last Man Standing | Photo Credit ABC

Back in Season 3, in an episode called “Back to School,” which was directed by The Santa Clause director John Pasquin, a few other surprise stars showed up to greet everyone’s’ favorite outdoor man.

Si and Will Robertson came to check out some hunting and fishing gear.

Tim Allen Talks Duck Dynasty Guest Appearance

“They’re not what you think,” said Tim Allen, in regards to his two guest stars. “They’re overwhelmed, obviously. They showed up, they’re getting there. A little stuffy. They wanted a private plane. Disney sent a crop duster…”

Tim Allen was obviously joking about their demands, but his main point was that Willie and Uncle Si were genuine guys, but they did seem a little nervous on the set of a major television series.

IMDB describes the episode as, “Since Kristen and Ryan are in their own home, Mike and Vanessa miss seeing Boyd all the time. When Mike finds out Boyd is in a different school district and the school is in a bad part of town, he fights to have Boyd go to a school near him.”

Willie and Uncle Si were on the season premiere of the Tim Allen-led series.

Both Christian-Based Shows Now Off The Air

Last Man Standing | Photo Credit ABC

Both shows are different than the bulk of television. Duck Dynasty and Last Man Standing were shows that worked around real family values, even though one was scripted and the other a reality show.

Ironically (or perhaps not ironically), both Christian-based, Republican-minded shows have now gone off the air. There’s a chance CMT will pick up Last Man Standing for Season 7, but negotiations have not yet been worked out.

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