Top 5 Craziest Antics You Might Have Missed On Duck Dynasty


We miss watching new episodes of Duck Dynasty every week. Plus, figured it’d be fun to go back in time and remember some of the wilder things that happened on the show. Here are the top 5 craziest things that happened on Duck Dynasty– do you remember these episodes?

Si Robertson Goes Jug Fishing

Of course, most of the craziest things that happened on our favorite reality TV series involved Si Robertson. He’s everyone’s favorite Uncle and is always willing to really GO there when it comes to comedy. 

This particular incident involved Si chugging down nearly 10 bottles of purple soda, all in the name of some jug fishing. What is jug fishing you ask? We had the same question. Apparently this is a long time tradition in the Robertson household, and Jase couldn’t wait to pass it down to his daughter. 

Basically you send a bunch of empty soda bottles out into the water with fishing lines tied to them. Then you wait. When you see one move you dive in and grab the fish. When we first saw Jase setting up the traps we figured they might catch a fish or two. This is when things got really wild. Jase, Si, and the girls were able to capture tons of HUGE fish, all with a few plastic jugs. Jase put it best when he said, “They will be telling this story for years. They will be gathering around a camp fire and tell about the day that we sent out the mine field of jugs, and we caught a thirty pound beast…And their uncle overloaded on expired grape soda…” Talk about a classic Robertson scene.

John Luke at the Dentist

We still can’t believe the Robertsons were willing to put the kids’ wisdom teeth surgery on television. The entire scene is hilarious, for so many reasons. First of all, Willie is far too excited to see his kids all drugged up. He calls the anesthesia “truth serum,” and wants to know if Sadie has ever kissed a boy. Poor Sadie has enough to deal with getting an operation than to talk to her protective dad. However, we can’t say as parents we’d do anything differently.

Even more shocking, Willie can’t handle seeing all of the blood during the procedure. It’s funny to think that a man who hunts duck and deer for a living can’t handle a dental procedure. However, the craziest part of all is John Luke’s reaction to the medication. His crazy eyes pop out of his head, he rambles on and on, and he provides the entire Duck Dynasty fandom with enough entertainment and laughs to last for years.

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