The Robertsons Head Home – REUNITED At Last!

Photo by Jessica Robertson via

Jep and Jessica Robertson headed back to West Monroe Louisiana last weekend, for a family filled trip on Mother’s Day. Here’s how the Robertsons celebrated the holiday.

Jep and Jessica Return Home

Photo by Jessica Robertson via

Jep and Jessica Robertson threw their five kids into their family bus and sped back to West Monroe. The couple famously sold their mansion in Louisiana to move their family of 7 to Austin, Texas. In Texas the pair has opened “Jep’s Southern Roots,” a family owned food truck.

Jessica Robertson told fans, “The seed to be planted for moving here started about ten years ago… We fell in love with the Texas area. Gradually, we started doing more and more here. The past five years we’ve really made a lot of friends in Austin.” Many fans were worried this meant there was a rift between the Robertsons. However, Jessica clarified, “God has planted those people in our lives over the past five years to know the transition to leaving because we’re not leaving family, yes we are leaving the neighborhood and selling our house, but we’re going back so often. Kay’s already booked trips here to see us.”

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