Look At The Shocking Personality Test Results Of The Robertson Family


The Robertson family loves to do things together and they aren’t afraid of putting it all out there for the world. In their book, The Duck Commander Family, Korie explains how the family took a personality test together. The results weren’t exactly what you’d expect.

The Robertson Family Personalities

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As super fans oDuck Dynasty, we feel we know the Robertson family pretty darn well. Phil is the strong alpha dog. Kay is the sweet, social butterfly. Willie is the boss man and Jase is just like his dad. Right? Well… actually we were wrong.

Korie Robertson wrote in The Duck Commander Family that things aren’t always as they seem. The three couples, Phil and Kay, Missy and Jase, and Korie and Willie, all took personality tests together during a marriage seminar.

On the show, we see Willie bumping heads with nearly everyone in his family. It seems all the men in his life who work for him want to prioritize duck hunting over duck call making. That causes friction. It also makes it appear like Jase and Phil get along better than Willie and Phil. Korie says that isn’t exactly the case.

She wrote, “We all laughed because Phil and Willie scored high in the characteristics for having a dominant personality. They were almost identical in a lot of areas.” We guess that makes sense now that we think about it. Phil started the Duck Commander business and Willie saw it through. Both men were able to make large contributions to the dynasty. However, Korie also added the results were, “somewhat different in that Willie was high in the social category as well. I think Willie got that part of his personality from his mother.”

Jase Is Like His Mama

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On Duck Dynasty, we see Jase as a man with duck hunting on the brain. He’ll do pretty much anything he can to skip out on work and head into the woods. This side of him makes us assume he’s just like his father. Afterall, they share so many similar characteristics. However, Korie explained, ‘But when we took the personality test, we saw that Jase’s personality is much more like his mother’s. So I guess it makes sense that Phil and Jase get along so well in the duck blind. They made a good team, just like Phil and Kay do at home.”

Well, what do you know? We learn something new about the Robertson family every day.