The REAL Differences Between Phil and Si Robertson


Phil and Si Robertson are brothers and it seems like maybe even best friends. However, these two are far from twins when it comes to personality. Here are the biggest differences and similarities between Phil and Si Robertson.

Phil and Si Robertson

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Phil and Si Robertson have been together from the beginning. They are brothers and went through a rough childhood together. Si Robertson shared that their mother had a nervous breakdown when they were still young boys. He said she was in and out of hospitals frequently, and, “suffered a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed as manic-depressive” He added, “she spent a lot of time in hospitals and the state mental institution.”

Perhaps this little fact is the reason these brothers are the way they are- different yet similar. They grew up in a hard situation. Everyone has their own ways of coping with family mental illness. However, they stuck together and ultimately both found peace.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Phil and Si are brothers because they are just so different. We get to see a good bit of their personalities, mannerisms, and beliefs through Duck Dynasty and it’s clear these brothers are not identical. However, it’s the unique members that make a family great and so we think it works for them.

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