Korie Robertson Just Challenged The Entire Family To This Adventure


The Robertson family is a group of inspiring individuals. They love to accomplish things together, and we admire their family’s strength. This week they accomplished something many families band together for- running a half marathon. However, the way they did it is the most Robertson thing we’ve ever heard.

It Was Korie Robertson’s Idea

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Earlier this week, Sadie Robertson posted a blog on the Live Original website. She told fans that running a half marathon was her mom’s idea… and it scared her. Sadie said, “When my mom first asked me to run a half marathon, just pondering this thought in my head of me running in a half marathon…with all of these immortal superhumans made me laugh out loud. It also brought a flashback to the time my track coach put me in the 2-mile race as a sophomore and I got overlapped by all 6th graders.”

Korie Robertson loves to challenge her children and her family. This was a great way for her to do so. Apparently, Sadie has always hated running. She explained, “I have never been a runner, just the thought of running makes me tired! I am not trying to be dramatic, but people who like to run are like immortal to me. I just stare at their toned legs, with a confused look at the muscles I did not even know existed and admire their outfits. I have tried to buy the clothes to inspire me, but it just doesn’t do it. One of the definitions of running is, “moving in a hectic and hurried way”. This is relatable, because I don’t look like a gazelle when I run–I look like a sweaty, out of breath, panic attack with legs.”

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