It’s always so scary to see a NASCAR driver put in danger during a race … and sometimes it’s downright terrifying.

An image of the frightening crash that happened recently at the NASCAR Go Bowling 400 at Kansas Speedway (photo via Twitter)

During the recent NASCAR Go Bowling 400 at Kansas Speedway, three race cars flew down the pavement at 200 miles per hour, crashed, and exploded in a fiery mess. People were left wondering how badly injured the drivers were, or worse — if they would make it out alive.

FOX Sports NASCAR pulled the audio from the driver’s and their teams and compiled everyone’s reactions and remarks and synced them with video of the crash. They lined it up so that everything is pretty much real time.

In the audio (below), you can hear the other drivers’ shock as they drive by the wreckage, which involved Danica Patrick, Joey Logano, and Aric Almirola. Things weren’t kosher for the drivers well before the crash. At one point, you hear Daniel Suarez (not involved in the pile-up) say, “This thing is horrible. I can’t drive it. We’re wrecking every lap.”

One of the drivers, Trevor Bayne, said it was the worst crash he’d ever seen.

“Gosh, I hope they’re OK, man,” he said. “That was the hardest hit I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Logano was just worried for Patrick’s safety — his car was responsible for the collision. But the most chilling audio is of Almirola — he starts complaining of back pain in a tone of voice that would worry any mother.

Fortunately, none of the driver’s sustained serious injuries, although Almirola did have to go to the hospital after fracturing a vertebrae. He’s currently in recovery.

Maybe if Phil Robertson had prayed before this race like he did at the Texas Motor Speedway this wouldn’t have happened…

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