Top 5 Romantic Duck Dynasty Episodes You Need To Watch


When you think romance, Duck Dynasty might not be the first thing to come to your mind. However, we’re here to argue that it definitely should. The Robertsons are a family that believes in true love, and making marriages last. You don’t stay together for 25 plus years without a little romance. Here are the 5 most romantic Duck Dynasty episodes of all time.

5) Daddy’s Got A Gun

Sadie Robertson had quite a few relationships while filming Duck Dynasty. However, her first boyfriend is the true winner in our opinion. He handled an entire day of hunting and fishing with Willie Robertson. Overprotective southern dads are every teenage boy’s nightmare. Thankfully Sadie’s boy took it pretty well. While nothing super romantic happened between Sadie and the guy during the episode, we have to point out that a 14-year-old willing to spend the entire day with his girl’s dad is probably a decent kid. We give this 5 romance points.

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