Teen Duck Hunter Faces Death, Friends Step Into Act


While out duck hunting together, three teen boys grew closer than they ever expected they would when one of them almost died, reports WDIO.

photo via WDIO

The teens, Beau Foix, John Marcella, and Cody Herrmann, were on the water at West Two Rivers in Virginia. The gear was packed. They were ready to go. 

But then John heard a splash. He ran to where Cody had been standing. After what he saw, he called for Beau, who had been parking the boat trailer.

“I was wondering what all the yelling was about,” Beau said.

When he arrived at the scene, he too saw was John was looking at — Cody, who has epilepsy, face down in the water.

“I knew we had to act fast, Beau said. “I unbuckled my chest waders, and jumped in the water right away. We had to drag him out.”

It was difficult for the two boys because Cody’s waders had filled with water.

“Another 30 seconds, he would have been at the bottom of the lake,” John said.

Some of the Duck Dynasty fellas out hunting (photo via Wide Open Spaces)

The boys got him to shore and Beau started CPR while John called 911.

Fortunately, Cody started coughing up water and both an ambulance and the police arrived quickly. He had suffered a epileptic seizure, so he doesn’t remember much before he fell in the water.

“I remember getting to the dock, and holding the rope. And that’s about it,” Cody said. 

But Cody is glad to know he’s got friends who act fast and know what to do in emergencies like this.

“It’s nice to know they don’t think twice about stuff like that, that they came and saved me, it’s reassuring,” Cody said.

This was October 2016 and the guys haven’t been duck hunting since. But they said they may go back at some point in the future.

“We’re always going to have a buddy next to him,” John said.

“Yeah,” Beau chimed in, “and a life jacket at all times. Or a leash.”