Sadie Robertson Reveals The Surprising REAL Reason She Got Her Tattoo…


Sadie Robertson has a tattoo, but she didn’t want to get it. She has always been anti-tattoos.

source: YouTube

“When my dad got tattoos, I was like, ‘Dad, no! I don’t like tattoos!” she says.

But then something changed her mind. Something big came into her life and her view of tattoos began to change.

“And then whenever I was struggling with anxiety for two years — and I don’t even really like to call it anxiety, I just like to call it fear. I’m just calling it what it is…” she says. “I would wake up and I was scared. I would go to bed and I was scared. I would go through the day and I was scared, constantly in this state of fear.”

Fear. It consumed her.

But then she remembered how the Bible says to not fear over and over again, despite having so many things in life to be afraid of.

“It’s not that things aren’t scary, and it’s not that things aren’t going to be scary,” she says. “It’s just realizing that God has already conquered fear.”

She says if someone were to put a gun to her head, yes, that would be scary. But if she dies, she knows where she would go.

She had a life-changing realization at Winter Jam. It was right after ISIS coordinated attacks in Paris — the security guard asked if Sadie was okay to go onstage, and she said of course she was okay. But in the past, she would’ve “taken the excuse and ran.” She felt she had to pray now more than ever with others. 

That’s when she realized fear was holding her back. So that night, she went and got a tattoo on her forearm that says “Fearless.”

“I never want fear to stop me from anything else in my life,” she says.

Watch the full interview below:

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