Many Fans Didn’t Know This About Korie And Willie’s Daughter


Rebecca Robertson is a known member of the Robertson family. However, many fans don’t know that she is not legally adopted by Korie and Willie Robertson. Instead, she’s an honorary member of the family, and her story is as sweet as can be.

The Robertson Family Welcomes Rebecca Robertson

The Robertson children await Rebecca's arrival from Japan
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Rebecca Robertson came onto Duck Dynasty fans’ radars when she joined the cast in Season 5. Rebecca had been previously absent from the series while she studied fashion in Los Angeles. She then decided to apply what she had learned in LA to a family business with Korie. The mother-daughter duo opened Duck and Dressing, a successful boutique in West Monroe Louisiana.

The Robertson family considers Rebecca to be one of their own. However, many fans do not know that Rebecca is not officially adopted. How she became so close with the family is as sweet as can be.

Rebecca was a part of a foreign exchange program from Taiwan. She was set to stay with Korie and Willie for her junior year of high school. Korie recalls that she couldn’t speak English at all, and the family was worried about the adjustment. Korie said, “Now she came to us when she was 16 as an exchange student from Taiwan, did not speak a word of English. I thought, ‘Oh, no, I’ve got like four little kids, like 2 to 6 and now I’ve got a 16-year-old that doesn’t speak English; what am I gonna do?'”

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Thankfully things turned out great. Korie remembered, “But we survived that first year and just fell in love with her and invited her back for her senior year… She came her senior year and it was somewhere in there that we just realized, I remember telling’ somebody that I had four kids and one of my little ones said, ‘No, you don’t; you have five.’ And Rebecca just became one of ours.”

How sweet. We wonder which of Korie’s children pointed out that Rebecca was truly a part of the family.

One Big Happy Family

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Now Rebecca is a part of the Duck Dynasty legacy, as well as their family business tradition. She and Korie run a successful boutique and online store. Duck and Dressing even offer monthly subscription services. Fans can subscribe to a monthly box of fashion items hand picked by Rebecca Robertson herself.

We love that the Robertson family is always open to new members. What a sweet and welcoming group of people.