You Won’t Believe How Phil Robertson Actually Got His New Show…


Phil Robertson’s new show Phil In The Woods will feature the  Robertson patriarch in nature, talking candidly about the state of the world. The Duck Dynasty alum recently shared how the show came about, and the story is pretty wild.

Phil Robertson’s New Show

There’s a new project for Duck Dynasty fans to keep their eyes on. Phil Robertson’s new show Phil In The Woods will appear on the CRTV channel.

CRTV is an online-streaming network that offers paid subscriptions. The Conservative Review Television network promises to cut out “fake news.” Their website states, “If you’re tired of the spin, the lies, and the fake news you’re getting from the mainstream media, you need Liberty’s Voice®. You need CRTV.”

Advertisements for Phil Robertson’s new show state, “What does a man do when liberals try to run him out of town for quoting a Bible verse? He goes deep into the woods and starts a fire. Join Phil Robertson like you’ve never seen him before. No middlemen, no PC police — just truth, from Phil’s mouth to your screen.”

For a man who claims to not own a cell-phone, Phil certainly is connected. If you’re wondering how he made his way back to TV, we’ve got the answer. Robertson recently appeared on the Ben Shapiro show and told Ben his oldest son suggested the idea.

Phil’s Wild Speech

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Phil said, “I spoke to the Nebraska Delegation. I met the governor, and they whispered in my ear, you have three minutes Phil…So I said ‘look, Nebraska, let’s get together and call a summit. Let’s just do two things that God said don’t do…For one year let’s just try it…let’s don’t murder each other for a year, and let’s not steal from one another for a year…We come back together and see if we’re better off?'”

Phil recalled that footage of his bold speech went viral. “Someone took a video with a cell phone, which I don’t own by the way,” Phil recalled. “And they put it on the internet. 10 million clicked on to hear me say that. So my oldest son said Dad you need to talk more.”

So there you have it. Alan Robertson, the oldest of the Robertson sons, suggested the idea for Phil Robertson’s new show. Would you have guessed the beardless brother would have come up with the idea?